What do you do when there are no Peanuts
character statues to photograph? You go

Roamin' for SnowMN

(No kidding, that's really what it's called. Visit: www.winterwander.com)

March 26th - Finished Roamin'!   See them all in numerical order here.

#33 "Minnesota Vikings" - Mall of America (autographed by #23 Michael Bennet)

#3 "Snow Mother" - Mall of America

#3 "Snow Mother" - Mall of America

We don't know what this disturbing one is. It depicts a skiing accident. How fun!

March 9th

#29 "Snow Globe SnowMN" - Minnesota Children's Museum, St. Paul

#27 "Welcome to Minnesota" - MSP International Airport

March 8th

#1 "Flora the Snowlady" - Alfresco Casual Living, Stillwater

#34 "Warehouse Max" - Ribnick Fur & Leather, Minneapolis

#6 "Snow Place Like Bloomington" - Oxboro Square, Bloomington

March 6th

Catching up with the traveling SnowMN at the History Center

#14 "Peace On Earth from Minnesota" - Minnesota History Center, St. Paul

#15 "For The Love Of Ice Cream" - Minnesota History Center, St. Paul

#35 "Spammy - The Spirit of Austin" - Minnesota History Center, St. Paul

#30 "Think Outside The Bun" - Minnesota History Center, St. Paul

Hannah's favorite is now here from Mankato!

#22 "Chattin' Jack Frost" with a new broom and a new laptop!
See him roughed up in Mankato near the bottom of this page.

March 3rd

#10 "Snow What Fun" - Camp Snoopy, Mall of America

#16 "Don't Hesitate...Decorate" - Department 56, Mall of America

Posing at Department 56

March 1st

#45 "Frosty's First Fish" - Weisman Enterprises, Minneapolis

#11 "Caramelball Frenzy" - Candyland, Minneapolis

#38 "Sparkles" - Nicollet Mall Target Atrium, Minneapolis

#5 "Winter Spirit" - IDS Crystal Court, Minneapolis

#5 "Winter Spirit" - IDS Crystal Court, Minneapolis

Doesn't look much like Mary Tyler Moore

#37 "Howie Coldizit" - Block E Skyway, Minneapolis

#31 "Mr. Howl" - Target Center Skyway, Minneapolis

The height comparison is unfair. They're all 6 inches above the floor!

#18 "Snowboy" - Pillsbury Plaza, Minneapolis

February 23rd

#36 "Fire and Ice" - Ames Sculpture Plaza, Burnsville

#17 "Rocky Kraemer" - Ames Sculpture Plaza, Burnsville

#2 "Creative Community Builder" - Ames Sculpture Plaza, Burnsville

#4 "WorkingMN" - Burnsville Ice Center

#19 "Chef Grande" - Burnsville City Hall

#42 "The Natural Snowman" - Valley Natural Foods, Burnsville

#26 "It's Snow Wish... It's a Dream" - Dakota County Library, Burnsville

#44 "Think Spring. Think Clean" - Burnsville Center

#8 "Shop 'Til You Melt" - Burnsville Center

#7 "Pee Week Ski Wee" - Buck Hill Ski Area, Burnsville

#40 "Great Tastes in Store" - Ridge Square, Minnetonka

#41 "Flakey" - TivoliToo, St. Paul

February 9th

#20 "Greta Great Clips" - Great Clips, Traveling (At MN Hist. Center)

#43 "Cars, We Know-em, We Love-em" - Valvoline Instant Oil Change, Traveling (At MN Hist. Center)

#28 "Weather Permitting" - Minnesota Historical Society, Minnesota History Center

#9 "Snow Daddy" - Cafe Latte, St. Paul

February 1st

#12 "Marching for Treats" - Candyland, St. Paul

#24 "Marshall Field's SnowMN" - Marshall Field's, St. Paul

#39 "State of Being" - 5th & Wabasha, St. Paul

January 19th

#23 "Santa vs. The Snowman 3D" - Imation Imax Theater, Minnesota Zoo

January 12th

#13 "A Day at the Races" - Canterbury Park

#21 "Serving Up Mankato" - Happy Chef, North Mankato

The Happy Chef

#25 "We Love To See You Smile" - McDonald's, Mankato

#22 "Chattin' Jack Frost" - Hickory Tech, Mankato

January 5th

#32 "Koskie the SnowMN" - Minnesota Twins, Children's Museum